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Okay, so I've posted here many times, and the rumbles seem to be spreading like wildfire, so I'm sure you're all familar with them by now :) For those of you who are new, or living under a rock, lol, a rumble is similar to a LIMS, except there are no eliminations. Each round consists of 10 challenges and the icon makers with the most points at the end of the challenges are the winners!

I'm currently holding sign ups for 4 rumbles right now. The first 2 here are rumble communities so the rules are listed in the user info. Sign ups were just posted today, challenges will go up when we have 10 people signed up!
I'm trying something a bit different with the point system, so please check it out!
btvsats_rumble - Read the rules here!||Sign up here!
tv_rumble - Read the rules here!||Sign up here!

These 2 are normal icontest communities where I am also holding rumbles. The How I Met your mother one also has normal challenges going on as well, the Arrested Development community does not. Sign ups and rules are all located in one place, and the first challenge has already been posted for each of them. They end on Thursday (But sign ups will stay open until the voting for challenge 4 is posted)
bluth_love_icon - Read the rules and Sign up here!
himym_icontest - Read the rules and Sign up here!

Come join the fun (if you haven't already) and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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ba_thunderdome - The current challenge is Ladies of BtVS/AtS!

joss_by_episode - Could use some more entries for the current challenge Buffy - Season 2 - What's my Line Pt 1

whedon_lovecons - For the current challenge you can only use the caps provided, but there's some good ones, please enter!

That's it for today, as I have a million other things to do, but if you'd like me to give your community a shout out next week, please leave a comment. And don't forget to check out the master list if you want to find currently active buffy/angel comms.
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The following communities could really use some more participation. Buffy/Angel comms are closing down all over the place, and I'd really like to see these ones survive.

*Also, if you would like me to give your community a shout out on one of my weekly posts, please comment and let me know!

any_icon - This one is REALLY struggling, which is sad, as it's one of my favorites. The current challenge is the Angel episode Hero, and it could REALLY use some love, it's been open almost a month now, and there's barely any entries!

_smiletime_ - new mods, same great (and funny) community!

ai_scoobie_chal - Come on over and show the current challenge (Parker Abrams) some love.

charisma_stills - Back after a long hiatus, new challenge is header and icon challenge!

giles_stills - Where's the Ripper love? Current challenge is the Season 3 episode Earshot

joss_by_episode - Seriously, this is one of my all time favorite Buffy/Angel communities (Second only to btvsats_rumble). The current challenge is Buffy -Season 2- What's My Line Pt 1.

More to come next week, and also, I recently took over 70s_challenge, so if you like making 70's Show icons, or know someone who does please help spread the word!
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Just checking in to say hello to those of you still with us. I just wanted to let everyone know how sorry I am about slacking off on this community, it just became too much to keep up with. However, starting next week, I will be making one weekly post letting you guys know of any LIMS sign ups, or challenges/voting posts that could really use more participation.

Also, I am still trying to keep up with the master list, so if you know of any new buffy/angel comms that aren't on the list, please let me know and I'll add them.

I've noticed participation has been down everywhere, and if you're bored, please check out the master list, I'm sure any one of those communities have a challenge post or voting post right now that could use some more participation!
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Dear Buffy and Angel icon making fanatics;
I have not forgotten about you, lol. I've been working pretty much constantly and I've been sick, and there's also the holidays, lol, I've barely had time for breathing, let alone icon communities.
But never fear, lol, I've got 4 days off in a row coming up, I promise I'll pay more attention to this community.

In the meantime (or really anytime) any of you who have posting access, feel free to post about your challenges, or voting posts. :)
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joss_stills - Vote Here!

btvsats_contest - Enter Here!
Challenge: - Cap challenge (LAST challenge for this community, so please enter!!!)
Due Date: - Sunday, Dec. 30th

joss_stills - Enter Here!
Challenge: - Cap Challenge/Theme Challenge (Strange)
Due Date: - Wednesday, Dec. 26th

willow_247 - Enter Here!
Challenge: - Episode Challenge - Killed By Death
Due Date: - Monday, Dec. 31st

xander_icontest - Enter Here!
Challenge: - Episode Challenge - Innocence
Due Date: - Monday, Dec. 31st