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Buffy & Angel Icontest Index!

Buffy and Angel Icontest Index!
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It's quite simple really, There's SO many still active Buffy and Angel icontests out there, here's you're one stop shop.

I don't claim to have all the buffy/angel icontests, but I do have a majority. And if I've left out your community, and you'd like to be added, please comment in any post.
In addition, if your community IS on this list, and you'd like me to remove it, PLEASE comment and I will do so.

Also, I will be posting links to current challenges and voting. For MOST of the communities, you do not need to be a member to vote, but you DO have to be a memeber to enter. PLEASE be sure to follow the voting and entry rules of each community.

All of these communities are still active
BTVS & ATS icontests:

We have a master post, with a list of each community and a short description: Here!

Promo Buttons:
Complete with codes, for easy copy/pasting. PLEASE feel free to use them!


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*Also join iconreminders!!
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